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The Various Services of Steve Baker Dentist

general dentistryYour dentist is your partner in caring for and maintaining the condition of your teeth. After all, once cavities and bacteria cause damage on any tooth, it has to be cleaned. Further destruction should also be avoided, which is why your dental professional will sometimes recommend using extra protection. He/she will give you instructions as well on how to avoid future problems by improving your dental habits.

At Steve Baker Dentist, patients will find the care and treatment they expect. Their patients will find a great variety of services available, covering almost every tooth condition and problem. At the same time, they offer children’s dentistry under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS), where treatments are available for free for qualifying patients.

According to their website, www.stevebakerdentist.com.au, they offer the following:

General Dentistry

As with most dental practices out there, Steve Baker Dentist provides all treatments under general dentistry. This begins, of course, with inspection and diagnosis of patient’s teeth and gums, looking for any existing cavities. 

They will first and foremost, promote preventive dentistry, avoiding tooth decay and gum disease through oral health promotion. Children and even older patients are instructed on proper brushing and other ways to keep their mouths free of the bacteria that lead to cavities. Patients may also avail of regular professional tooth cleaning, where built-up plaque is removed and fluoride as additional protection for the teeth is applied. An additional form of prevention is the use or sealants, covering those hard-to-reach parts of the mouth where food particles love to hide.

Patients who already suffer from some damage will need restorative care. This means surfaces that have decay will be cleaned and then repaired through the use of fillings. Should the damage be greater, a root canal treatment might be necessary, where the inner parts of the teeth are cleaned before being filled, but the exterior remains. This can be a way to avoid having to extract the tooth. 

Should an extraction be necessary, your dental professional at Steve Baker Dentist can create crowns and bridges, or even dentures, to replace missing teeth and still leave you with a complete smile. They will also advise you on which options are the best for you based on your condition, age, and preference. 


Sometimes teeth grow in funny ways or are skewed, impacted or do not have enough space in the mouth. These problems start to be noticeable during the teenage years when the permanent teeth finish growing. Using braces or other procedures can correct and align them while it is easy to do so, giving patients a nicer smile. All these can also be done at the Steve Baker Dentist clinic.

Pain-free Dentistry

Patients who have a phobia of dentists can also avail of additional services to relax them during treatments. Using The Wand, a revolutionary anesthetic system, the teeth are numb and patients do not feel anything at all. Moreover, this method is not as intrusive as traditional methods, another advantage to clients.

Children’s Dentistry

The first encounters with the dentist can leave a lifelong impression, so it is of utmost importance that children have a positive experience when they sit in the chair. Steve Baker Dentist’s professionals are experts in dealing with young clients, providing them a calm and friendly environment. If necessary, they may avail of The Wand to relax and remove any anxiety of fear. This ensures that they can properly assess how teeth erupt and their placement. 

This way, at their young age, they learn to see their dentists as friends. Anxiety can be avoided, and a good habit of visiting the dental clinic can be established.

Cosmetic Dentistry

More patients are coming into the dental clinic not looking for fillings or extractions, but to correct any imperfections that exist. For example, some are interested in adult orthodontics or want to get implants instead of using dentures. The goal is to restore the beauty of their teeth as much as possible and to possess that perfect white smile. 

Teeth whitening is available to remove those stains that have accumulated due to smoking, drinking coffee or tea. This is also a popular procedure nowadays, especially for those who want to have a great impression on others important for their career. 

The fact is, as more people have the money to spend on achieving perfect teeth, the demand goes up for cosmetic dentistry procedures. No one has to suffer anymore with those traditional dentures and living with crooked or stained teeth for the rest of their lives. Your dental professionals can offer you many options.

Regardless of their age and their needs, patients can find exactly the treatment they need and are looking for at Steve Baker’s dental practice. In fact, teaching is a big part of what they do, which means they are always up-to-date on new treatments and procedures. Even this brings a great advantage to their clients. So if you are looking for a trustworthy and competent dental practice, you do not have to look any further!

How Playing Music Can Improve Your Health

musical instrumentsEver since man has learned to mimic the rhythm of his heartbeat to create beautiful sounds using a variety of ordinary objects like sticks and rocks and leaves, music was born. In fact, the history of music can be traced to the evolutionary development of man himself. People always believed there was something to the sound generated by the beating of the drums, the blowing of the horn, or the strumming of a stringed instrument that somehow coincided with the internal rhythms of the human body. And this belief now has the full backing of science. Experts now agree that music, especially when played, can establish that connection to the very soul of a man.

No matter how it is played, music bridges the gap between our physical selves and our mental and emotional selves. Who would not be moved by the works of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bach, and Beethoven? Who would not feel upbeat with today’s rock n’ roll and pop? Who would not feel madly in love with ballades and love songs? Music helps us get connected to our inner selves. Now, if these are the benefits, then playing music will have more benefits.

One of the most important benefits of playing music is in helping us calm our nerves and helps us soothe our emotions. Music therapy is a mainstay in many cognitive behavioral therapeutic programs. It is primarily intended to calm the mind and relax tensed muscles. It teaches the mind to focus on the melodies being played, to differentiate notes from each other, and to coordinate very fine muscle control to fiddle the violin or to strike the keys of a piano or even strum the correct strings of a 12-stringed acoustic guitar. Playing music teaches the mind to focus and concentrate on creating beautiful melodies while at the same time coordinating the different muscle groups to perform those finger movements as well as the amount of air blown into the mouthpiece of a wind instrument. This helps in the management of stress and anxiety. And from here on, the other benefits emerge.

Because we are so focused in playing music, stress levels are at their all-time low. The stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine are nowhere near their usual manner of creating havoc in the body. The heart rate is stable at a steady pace. The blood pressure is just right to help maintain optimum oxygenation of the different tissues. What is released by the playing of music are endorphins which function in making use feel great about ourselves. Playing music is not just a pastime activity or a profession; it is one good way to keep your body and mind healthy by improving the release of endorphins and improving cardiovascular health. If the oxygenation of the different tissues is optimized, every organ in the body is also functioning properly. Studies have shown that music can greatly improve the contractile nature of the heart, making it more efficient in pumping blood across the entire body.

The stress hormone cortisol is also known as a very potent immune system suppressant. This means that if you are too stressed out, you simply have too much cortisol in your body. And this significantly weakens your immune system making you more vulnerable to infections and other diseases that rely on a healthy functioning immune system. Playing music is not only about creating wonderful melodies but also about strengthening and reinforcing your body’s ability to fight and ward off infections.

Since stress is related to almost every other aspect of man’s life, managing it through playing music can simply have its profound effects. It can lead to a significant reduction in both depression and anxiety and makes us feel a lot better about ourselves. This also helps us feel a lot more confident about what we do with our lives and in our work. It increases work productivity and helps improve scholastic performance in school. It also gives us the opportunity to maintain solid healthy relationships which, in turn, can again help us feel a lot better about ourselves.

Studies have also shown that children who play music grow up to have higher IQs and EQs than children who did not play music at all. Verbal and visual skills were vastly improved among children who played music as they showed more sophisticated brain responses to playing and listening to music. Studies also show that elderly people with neurodegenerative conditions can also benefit from playing music as it keeps normally-functioning nerve cells stay optimally healthy.

Music has become a very important part of our lives. Playing music is more than just strumming a chord or hitting a piano key or hitting the high notes on a flute. It is the bridge that connects the body to the human soul where it can radiate to bring about these many wonderful health benefits.

How a Podiatrist Can Help with Sports Injuries

podiatryEveryone knows the importance of physical activities on general health and well-being. In addition to improved cardiovascular endurance and enhanced physical performance, physical exercises also greatly improves overall mental and emotional wellbeing. It is for this reason that many people are engaging into sports as a means to staying physically fit and holistically healthy, not to mention the whole prestige, honor, and respect that is inherent in a sporting competition.

Unfortunately, any activity, if done incorrectly, can also result in injuries. Sports injuries are something that everyone have to be particularly aware of. Some individuals lose their lives in certain sports injuries. Some succumb to debilitating injuries that can leave them paralyzed for the rest of their lives. And while there are therapies or therapeutic regimens that can be performed to treat any kind of sports injury, the level of performance and competitiveness will already be less than during the person’s prime. It is for this reason that athletes, professional or amateur, always make sure to prevent injuries rather than treating them. They know that by preventing injuries, they avoid going through treatment which can significantly affect their sporting and competitive lives. This is where healthcare professionals like a podiatrist can help.

Why a podiatrist? Almost all sports require the use of the lower extremities – the legs and feet. Ballerinas, soccer players, American football players, rugby players, boxers, gymnasts, swimmers, and almost any other sport will require a healthy and fully optimized lower limbs. Be it for stability or for power and agility, the lower limbs carry the rest of the body. It is for this reason that a My Podiatrist specialist can be particularly helpful.

Podiatrists are medical experts when it comes to conditions of the feet and legs. And while you can always seek the expertise of a medical doctor or even an orthopedist, only a podiatrist can help maintain the full functioning of the lower limbs. You can look at podiatrists as specialists for the lower limbs similar to a cardiologist for the heart, a pulmonologist for the lungs, and a neurologist for the nervous system, and so on and so forth. So, when it comes to conditions of the feet and legs, no one understands them a lot better than a podiatrist.

As athletes require utmost stability from their feet and legs, it is the podiatrist’s role to make careful assessments of the athlete’s lower limbs. Calluses and bunions as well as other feet deformities must be properly managed in order to ensure optimum comfort while playing or engaging in sports. Ingrown toenails as well as other feet problems have to be managed. In most cases, a podiatrist will customize devices such as braces and foot arch pads to be worn by the athlete in order to maintain the perfect alignment of his feet in relation to the rest of his body, particularly his torso and his vertebral column. This guarantees the athlete optimum stability and efficiency in the performance of his sport.

Imagine a ballerina who needs to dance on her toes. This means that there is going to be pressure on the toes bearing the weight of the rest of the body. Ballerina shoes must therefore be designed in such a way as to support the toes and relieve some of the pressure off it. For competitive dancers, they require feet that are as nimble as can be. With the twisting and sudden pressure shifts on the legs and feet can almost always guarantee injuries. A podiatrist can help by providing orthotic devices that help redistribute the pressure on the sole of the feet.

Podiatrists do not help only in the prevention of sports injuries. They can help in the treatment as well. Since majority of sports injuries are characterized by inflammation, it is the duty of the podiatrist to immobilize and stabilize the affected feet in order to reduce the inflammation as well as help reestablish perfect alignment and optimum function of the feet. This can be in the form of braces as well as arch supports and foot padding. Additionally, toenail problems, bunions, corns, calluses, dry heels, cracked heels, and even verrucas and athlete’s foot can be effectively managed.

In the world of sports, there are many healthcare professionals tending to the needs of athletes. Podiatrists are just one of them. It should be made clear that when it comes to problems or concerns about the feet and legs, no one can manage these problems a lot better than a podiatrist.

Combat Insomnia and Get Some Sleep!

insomniaThere is a lot of people who find it difficult to have the recommended hours of restful sleep. The problem is not about staying asleep, but with initiating sleep. This condition is clinically called as insomnia. The good news is that there are plenty of natural ways that can help alleviate this condition. For example, essential health foods in Borgonia can replace over the counter drugs. Medications, even when prescribed, still have side- effects that can be harmful to a person. Sleep medications are also known to potentially become addictive, which becomes a problem for people who struggle with drug dependence.

Insomnia is considered as a disabling medical condition. Because the body receives less sleep, it is not revitalized enough to function at its optimum state. Insufficient sleep contributes to an imperfect health, and will cause future health problems. This should be the reason why combating it is a must. You must understand that there are a lot of reasons why insomnia develops.  A variety of causative factors of insomnia were already identified and some of these include environmental factors, emotional disorders, physical imbalances, and genetic components among others. Neurotransmitter imbalance, particularly with the serotonin levels, is said to aggravate sleep disorders like insomnia.

Holistic Insomnia Treatment

Because the cause greatly varies from person to person, a holistic approach is needed to treat the condition. It is advised to learn first about non- medical treatments for insomnia. Not only do they cost almost nothing, they are effective and will have lasting results. An example of an unconventional insomnia solution is by improving home décor. As discussed in www.armanes .com, there are top health benefits that plants would give to the body. Going green with a decorating project can, in fact, reduce stress, induce a relaxed vibe, and make your home more tranquil. This means giving you the best environment to sleep in.

The bed also needs to be revamped to perfection. It should complement with the level of comfort that the body demands in order to get an elusive sleep. The softness or firmness of a mattress, uncomfortable pillows, and worn- out bed can impede with having a comfortable sleep. Combined with Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy, a patient will undergo a life- changing session that involves manipulation of the spine, joints, and tissues to relieve all sorts of pain and discomfort. Much attention is given to the choice of mattress and pillows because they do become a source of disturbance when they are either too soft or stiff for comfort.

Bedroom implements like a sound machine can produce soothing sounds that will help mask distracting ones can also be purchased. It is like a “white noise” generator wherein your thoughts are diverted from noises other than those emitted from the machine. You don’t even need a device for it. There are sound machine applications that can be installed on your smartphone that works just as well.

You may also try sleep- inducing herbs. Certain plants contain natural insomnia remedies. Chamomile is perhaps the most common herb for insomnia. Drinking chamomile tea at least 20 minutes before bedtime will soothe nerves and reduce restlessness. Another insomnia herb is hops. It is a natural sedative and has the same relaxing effect as chamomile. Lavender oil is great as soothing massage oil that does not only induce sleep but also lessens nighttime walking tendencies. Other known insomnia herbs are wild lettuce, California poppy, kava kava, and St. John’s wort. Herbal formulas like tea and bath oil can be made using these herbs to make use of its calming effects.

Other Means of Inducing Sleep

Caffeine from soft drinks and coffee is known as one of the culprits of insomnia. Eliminating it from the diet could be beneficial if you find trouble sleeping. Some over the counter drugs can also keep you awake for hours. Always ask the doctor about the prescription or make it a habit to read labels to avoid taking something that will cause sleep deprivation.

Afternoon slowdowns can also be one reason of developing insomnia. If you find yourself feeling down as the day wears off, you may need to engage with regular exercise to help keep your body up and running the whole day. Keep the blood pumping by being constantly on the move instead of slumping down. Avoid taking sugary snacks that declines your energy after a quick spike. Instead, healthier options like fresh fruits will satisfy sweet cravings and will help with sustaining energy as you feel sluggish in the afternoon.

These natural insomnia cures are guaranteed to help. They would provide relief and will ultimately make you cope against this sleeping disorder. It is unfortunate that you have to go through this type of sleeping problem, but having these natural remedies will surely make you earn that well- deserved sleep after a very long day. 

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Choosing the Best Mole Removal Method for Your Type of Mole

mole removal 2If you have a mole and you want removed, you have three options: surgical mole removal, unconventional mole removal, and laser mole removalEach has their distinct advantages as well as disadvantages. Each will be quite perfect for certain types of moles although the second type of mole removal might be more of a question rather than a certainty. Nonetheless, in order for you to determine the best method of removing your moles, it is best to gain an understanding as to what moles really are and why they need to be removed.

Many individuals want their moles removed simply because it is viewed as an imperfection to their skin. For them, it is a nuisance, an obstacle even, to attain that flawless skin that they all aspire for. And while aesthetics may play a role in your decision to finally have your moles removed, it is imperative that you seek as much information first on anything and everything about moles. There are a lot of resources on the web that can help you gain better understanding of what moles are. Moleremovalsydney.com and other similar online resources cater to the mole removal needs of every individual on the planet.

Just what are moles anyway and why do they need to be removed?

Technically there are two types of moles – those that you were born with and those that you acquire as you grow older. Moles that you are born with are believed to have a much higher risk of turning deadly in the form of a melanoma, a type of skin cancer. Now, you do not have to be alarmed because it is only a risk, not a certainty. There is a good chance your mole may not be cancerous after all. However, there is simply no way of being certain about it either.

Exactly why a congenital mole has a greater chance of becoming a skin cancer is still pretty much poorly understood. However, experts believe that it has something to do with inherent defects in the way skin cells formed during embryonic development – that stage in prenatal development occurring in the first three months of pregnancy.

Whether or not acquired moles have the same level of risk of melanoma formation as congenital moles is still poorly understood. What evidence suggests is that ultraviolet radiation can damage skin cells which may be an important factor in the development of melanoma. The connection between moles, UV radiation, and skin cancer is still far from certain.

Nonetheless, the overriding reason for having your moles removed should be the concern for the risk of developing skin cancer. Aesthetic reasons should only be secondary. That being said, different mole removal techniques will largely be dependent on the physical characteristics of the mole that you have.

Medical experts recommend the surgical removal of all kinds of moles in order to ascertain its cancerous nature. Many believe that cancer cells may have already started to migrate to other parts of the body. Not being able to examine the mole tissue for signs of cancer growth effectively deprives healthcare professionals the knowledge of determining whether the mole is cancerous or not. As such, appropriate treatments may not be initiated simply because there are no bases for its implementation.

Most people opt for laser mole removal techniques because these do not leave unsightly scars and are generally safer compared to surgical methods. However, laser mole removal techniques are only effective on moles that are relatively flat and small. If you have a large, protruding mole, having laser will require more than several sessions so it is not really practical anymore. Large, circumscribed moles are better removed surgically.

For individuals who don’t like going under the knife or are economically challenged to get laser treatment, they can use certain commercially-available products that are supposed to be effective in removing moles. Whether or not these are effective, the risk is often assumed by the individual herself.

Choosing the right mole removal method for you requires understanding of your mole. If you are really intent on having it removed, it is hoped that you are going to have it removed for the right reasons. More importantly, it must be carried by a specialist so that no complications will occur in the future. Moles may seem to be normal on the skin for a number of years but when an abnormality surfaces, it is time to seek medical attention. For as long as it is dealt by a doctor or medical practitioner, you are assured that your skin is in safe hands.

Top Health Benefits of Decorating Your House with Plants

home improvement 2
There are many things that we do and try to keep our overall health in good shape. We follow habits or we even discipline ourselves to eat the right foods and do regular workouts to become physically and mentally fit. We are all the more determined to do these because many of us also aims to have better and sexier bodies. But aside from these, improve your home for better health. How is this possible? Read on below.

Effectively Reduces Stress 

One specific way to improve your physical and mental health is through the decoration of your house with plants. Having different kinds of plants inside your house can improve the look of your Hamptons furniture living room. But aside from making your living room more accommodating and inviting, the plants also greatly contributes in the reduction of the stress you get every day.

As a busy career person or parent, you probably suffer from too much stress due to the many tasks at home or at the office that demand a lot of attention and energy from you. With this, all you can expect is to get comforted and relaxed with the vibe of your home. You can effectively achieve this through inclusion of various kinds of plants inside the house.

You can design the interior with a theme based on your preference. For example, you can have a Zen-like set up in the living room where there are green plants such as bamboo and artificial waterfalls that make the setting more tranquil and relaxing.

There are numerous research studies that prove how a room filled with green plants and flowers help in making patients feel better faster, office workers more productive, and students performing better in their academics. The same idea applies to homes with greeneries. The view and the oxygen that the plants produce all work to relieve you from stress.

Significantly Reduces Background Noise

In the design of our homes or any building, we always take into consideration the materials that can greatly help in reducing background noise. In our homes, the plants are one effective way to achieve this. There have been research studies that show how plants significantly reduce noise that comes from vehicles in busy roads. The same idea applies when you incorporate a lot of plants in your interior home design. The plants and their different parts particularly the leaves significantly reduces noise because they absorb and reflect it. This process makes any room more suitable for work or relaxation.

You feel more relaxed because the plants purify the air. You can choose from top air purifying plants, which include chrysanthemums, dragon tree, ferns, ficus, ivy, peace lilies, philodendrons, spider plants, and palms. The Mother Fern, for example, is one of the best plants in terms of purifying the air. It is very popular and most commonly found in many homes because the plant is easy to maintain. It only needs little moisture and sunlight to grow and keep its attractive look.

Fights Several Illnesses 

There is truth in the claim that plants improve our physical health. A Norway University of Agriculture revealed in a study that indoor plants effectively reduces fatigue. It also helps in healing sore throats, coughs and other illnesses related to colds. In percentage, the plants can improve your health by as much as 30%. This happens when the levels of humidity is increased and the levels of dust is decreased. As it seems, the plants work in the improvement of your health through the cleansing of air inside the room.

Improves Air Quality 

As mentioned, indoor plants purify the air. Improving the quality of the air is one major way that plants decoration contribute in the improvement of your health. They absorb a significant amount of carbon dioxide, which comes from you and other residents inside the house. Carbon dioxide also comes from vehicles that pass by your house. Thus, having plants inside your house will always maintain low levels of carbon dioxide. The plants also release a lot of oxygen, which is essential in our respiratory system and other body systems and functions.

home improvementTo make the most out of this capabilities of the plants, you might as well choose a plant that effectively absorbs carbon dioxide at day time and turns them into oxygen during night time. So, you may also benefit a lot from decorating your bedroom with plants. Among the best plants with these capabilities are Snake plant and Sansevieria plant.

Aside from the benefits above, decorating your home with plants also increases your overall well-being, makes every room aesthetically pleasing, and makes you happier. With these benefits, you should not think twice anymore about decorating your house with plants. Now is the best time to place plants on every table, shelf and corner. You may also consider following a theme when designing the interiors with different kinds of plants.

Trying Out Furniture Ergonomics for Your Home Decor

furnitureIt is a common misconception that modern furniture is quite costly. But, if you conduct enough research and look at some key elements, you can have them at affordable selling prices. The furniture styles have evolved over time, going through numerous changes. The patterns and designs are now more trendy and advanced. They are high in demand due to their convenience and style, which are among the reasons for high costs.

Homeowners are always on the look-out for affordable, ergonomics furniture. Sometimes, you get a good deal while in other instances, you find yourself spending more than you should have. Just like everything else, you can get a quality piece of furniture at a significantly lesser value, than the actual price. The trick is to find out when and where.

If you just transferred into a new house, or would like to renovate your place, then modern, ergonomic furniture gives you the much-needed, ready-to-set up feature. Are you looking for reliable websites that can offer you stylish furniture and home decor items at affordable prices? Visit http://www.iwannagohome.com.au and you’ll find all the answers to your queries about furniture designs and stuff. Given below are some helpful tips on how to shop for these pieces of furniture.

Old Furniture

The major difference between the latest furniture and the furniture in the early years is that the former is done using cheaper materials, such as glass, aluminum, vinyl and tubular steel. Despite the low cost materials, the majority of them are still expensive and far from the reach of the typical individual. This is possibly because of the convenience that you get in return, plus these classic furniture pieces are really durable and elegant.

In the past, the pieces of furniture were designed using high quality materials, which were long-lasting, but they did not have the kind of functionality that is seen in the modern ones. Many shops still have this rare, classic furniture, and for that reason, it is quite popular.

Modern Furniture

You can find many companies that offer modern and ergonomic furniture at affordable deals. One of the reasons is that they are made in numbers on an assembly line. There are several companies that make individual parts, and assemble them later on to make various kinds of office and home furniture. This is referred to as modular furniture which is usually offered at relatively lower prices as opposed to a single-piece furniture. You can find these affordable pieces of furniture are readily available in the local furniture stores and online shops.

Prices and Materials

The modern furniture is constructed from unconventional materials, such as rattan cane, which is reasonably priced as compared to a traditional wood. Rattan cane can be made into various styles, which are often used to make innovative designs. Wicker wood is also another affordable material that is used for making less expensive ergonomics furniture.

Where and When to Buy?

The internet is the best place to hunt for quality modern pieces of furniture. There are lots of shopping sites that have great deals designed for modern offices and houses. If you wish to check the display on their website in person, you can email them with your request. They would gladly offer information about the furniture stores in your area, in which they are somehow connected with.

Remember, it is not necessary to go for unique or branded furniture. You can buy affordable ones that still look elegant and can deliver the comfort that the costly ones also have. These are an ideal alternative for people who live within a budget, but want to get a quality piece of furniture. The ideal time to purchase these kinds of furniture pieces is during a season sale, because you can get a wide array of selection with discounted prices.

Aside from those authentic online stores, there are many places which you could buy good, affordable furniture such as in festival and clearance sales, or straight from factory outlets.

When it comes to ergonomic designs, there is a wide variety of choices available for you. It is important to pick the one that matches the overall decoration of your home. Also, when shopping for these items, take into consideration that you will probably have to change the position of your furniture depending on your mood and needs.

Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

Is a sip of hot coffee or taste of ice cream causing you pain in your teeth? Do you wince occasionally when you brush or floss your teeth? These are signs that you have sensitive teeth. It is pretty obvious that having sensitive teeth prevents you from certain activities such as eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. Yet these are all part of life’s daily routine. Since sensitive teeth can be a great hassle to life, it is but proper to visit a dentist from the onset.

Why should you see a dentist?

Basically, dentists have gone through extensive education and years of experience concentrated on the anatomy and physiology of the oral cavity as well as the treatment needed for problems. Hence, they can identify or rule out the cause of the problem accurately. In the case of sensitive teeth, the dentist would recommend the exact solution depending on the circumstances seen.

What are the possible causes of sensitive teeth?

Tooth Decay (Cavities)

Tooth decay is a common problem which occurs to individuals who practice very poor oral hygiene. Acid coming from food products is the major cause of tooth decay. This chemical dissolves the outer layer of the teeth allowing it to wear and become thinner over time. Apart from this, the growth of bacteria inside the mouth also contributes to the existence of tooth decay.  Technically, this is termed as dental caries or dental decay.

Fractured teeth

Fractured tooth is also known as chipped tooth, cracked tooth or broken tooth. This usually occurs when you have bitten on something hard such as candy or ice. Fractured teeth can also be caused by accidents like using the teeth as tool. For example, opening a bottle of soda or removing a staple wire. Fractured teeth hurt because when the white enamel and hard layers called dentin chip off, the nerves and blood vessels found inside the pulp easily respond to hot and cold temperatures. And this what causes pain.

Worn fillings

Dental filling is done to address the issues of tooth decay and fractured tooth. When the filling gets worn out, bacteria enter the inner layer of the tooth allowing it to become more sensitive to different food products with varying temperatures.

Gum disease

Gum disease encompasses two gum problems: gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is caused by bacteria buildup, causing the gums to bleed due to inflammation. When not treated at an early stage, it leads to periodontitis which is the infection of the gums. Periodontitis causes sensitive teeth because the formation of pockets between the tooth and the gums exposes the root which then results to sensitivity to hot and cold food or drinks.

What do dentists recommend?

Depending on the cause of sensitive teeth, dentists recommend the following procedures:

Desensitising Toothpaste

Use desensitising toothpaste instead of the usual kind of toothpaste. This helps block the occurrence of pain caused by sensitive teeth.

Fluoride Application

Fluoride is the main component of all toothpastes as this is the best element used to strengthen the tooth and gums. In the case of sensitive teeth, dentist might apply fluoride in the most sensitive areas of the teeth. This is to reinforce the tooth enamel and at the same time reduce pain.

Desensitising or Bonding

For tooth roots that are exposed, the dentist applies bonding resin particularly on the root surfaces. Such treatment can be painful hence local anaesthetic might be administered.

Surgical Gum Graft

Should the tooth lose its gum tissue, a small portion of gum tissue is taken from a part of the mouth and then grafted on the affected area. This protects exposed roots and reduces sensitivity. Gum graft is a surgical method which requires anaesthetic application.

Root Canal

Root canal is the considered most successful technique and most effective treatment for sensitive teeth; however it can only be done in severe cases. Dentist performs procedure inside the tooth’s soft core called dental pulp.

To prevent the recurrence of sensitive teeth, your dentist might offer some effective methods such as these: brush your teeth twice or thrice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush, floss daily, avoid excessive brushing and flossing, avoid harsh or vigorous scrubbing, avoid highly abrasive toothpaste. When it comes to food and drinks, limit your intake of acidic products such as yogurt, wine, citrus fruits and carbonated drinks. Water or milk should be taken in order to balance the acid levels inside the mouth. Finally, practice regular visits to MyDental Group Brunswick to ensure that excellent oral care is achieved.