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Is a Mini Exercise Bike Worth It and Should You Get One for Yourself?

When I first saw these tiny exercise bikes a few years back, I doubted whether they are as effective as traditional exercise bikes. I’ve met a lot of people who share the same apprehension about such machines.

True, they are very portable, but are they any good when it comes to cardiovascular fitness and muscle toning?

To answer my own curiosity, I had to embark on a mission to find out whether quality mini exercise bikes are worth every dollar you spend on them. I’m pretty sure you’re also anxious to know what I’ve learned.

It Can “Help” in Losing Weight

Don’t get the impression that a mini exercise bike is the ONLY solution to your weight issues. We have to understand that weight loss can only occur if there is more calorie expenditure than calorie intake.

In other words, burning more energy than the energy that you take in the form of food will lead to a net loss of weight.

Since exercise machines work to increase energy expenditure, we have to look at how well a mini exercise bike can burn calories within a given period of time.

When I was doing the treadmills, I was burning around 250 calories every 30 minutes. I was doing an easy 8 KPH pace. But if I bumped the pace to 15 KPH, I can burn about 370 calories in half an hour.

On the stationary bike, I was able to burn about 150 calories in 30 minutes, doing very light pedalling. When I increased my pedalling as if I a dog was running after me, my calorie burn registered 310 calories in 30 minutes.

I tried the same with the mini exercise bike. I pedalled hard for half an hour and managed to burn 200 calories.

The figures may not look stellar. However, I would like to point out that I was also working on my desk while I was pedalling on the mini exercise bike. I couldn’t do that on either the treadmill or the stationary bike.

Can a mini exercise bike help you lose weight? Sure. However, do not expect it to give you the kind of results that you can get from other exercise machines.

On a more positive note, however, you could be working and losing weight at the same time.

It Can Help in Toning the Muscles

When it comes to toning the muscles, a mini exercise bike can also be helpful. There are two ways this device can help.

The traditional way is to pedal it to work your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves as well as a few other muscles of the legs. You can also pedal it backwards, allowing you to target other muscle groups.

There is another way you can use the mini exercise bike to tone your muscles.

I found out that placing it on the desk and pedalling it using my hands can help tone the muscles of my arms. Of course, my suggestion is to not do this when you’re in the office.

Here’s the thing. While the device can help tone muscles, don’t expect it to give you the results in a short span of time. So, if you’re thinking of training for the Ironman competition, then this is not the machine for you.

Should You Get a Mini Exercise Bike?

Overall, a mini exercise bike can help you in losing weight and in toning muscles. However, don’t expect the results to be spectacular.

Should you get it then? Everything depends on your fitness goals and the amount of time that you can commit to exercising. If you want robust gains, then this machine isn’t for you.

If you barely have time to go to the gym and don’t mind getting modest results, the mini exercise bike is worth it.

Why Playing Indoor Cricket is Good for You

Most Aussies I know play basketball, volleyball, futsal, and other team sports that are typically held indoors. On a more personal level, I prefer playing indoor cricket especially when we get to play under the roof of one of Action Indoor Sports’ renowned indoor sports stadiums all over the country.

You can also visit their website to learn where these stadiums are located so you can choose one nearest you. But why should you play indoor cricket, you might ask?

For starters, it’s a great way to sharpen your focus and concentration. A game of indoor cricket is similar to the one played outdoors. The only obvious difference is that, well, it’s played indoors.

But given that the objective of the game is to hit or bat the ball, this requires excellent hand-eye coordination and impeccable spatial skills.

The first time I played indoor cricket, I thought it was almost the same as baseball. Well, it is. But I found batting the cricket ball to be somewhat trickier and this requires skill. More importantly, one has to stay focused on the movement of the ball as it is bowled to you by the bowler of the opposing team.

You may not know it, but very fast calculations are already occurring in your brain. It’s trying to figure out the precise moment when the muscles of the arm will start twitching to get the bat ready to meet the incoming ball.

Everything happens in a split second. But do it many times and you’ve got yourself steadier hands, more focused mind, and lightning-quick reflexes. For youngsters, the sharpening of focus and hand-eye coordination can easily translate to better performance in school.

The same is true for adults as there are certain aspects of their work that require concentration and deft hands.

Indoor cricket is not only good for sharpening your cognitive and psychomotor faculties, however. It is also important in enhancing your overall fitness.

Sure, it pales in comparison to lifting weights or even doing a butterfly in the Olympic swimming pool, but it sure can work the muscles of the arms and legs.

As you bat the bowl, power is concentrated in the arms so that you can easily send the ball rolling, allowing you to score for your team. But that’s not all, running also targets the muscles of the legs and feet.

Unlike running however, the work performed by the muscles of your lower limbs is more explosive. Imagine you’re simply standing there. Then, all of a sudden, you have to spring into action. This can take your muscles by surprise. And this is how leg muscles get trained to be stronger.

Playing indoor cricket is also a great way to manage stress. If you’re like me who has to juggle work responsibilities with the other aspects of my life, then you know how frustrating it can be when you’re stressed out.

While there are plenty of ways by which we can manage our stresses, I find playing indoor cricket to be especially beneficial for me.

How? Like I said, it helps me focus on the task at hand. This alone helps me discard my anxious thoughts and replace them with more constructive ones. In this case it’s how I can hit the ball and score one for my team.

But the real motivation for playing indoor cricket is in the camaraderie and sense of belonging that I share with my teammates. Playing indoor cricket doesn’t have to be all about competition.

It can even be a friendly match which can be such a joy to have especially when followed by good food, great drinks, and plenty of laughs. Other indoor games can provide you with such a thrill, too.

Different individuals have different reasons for playing indoor cricket or any other game or sports activity held indoors. What I can honestly tell you is that indoor cricket is good for you.

Taking Drum Lessons in Melbourne

Back when I was young, I have always aspired to play drums on a professional level. Well, of course, it does not only take a day to learn that kind of art. Thus, I enrolled myself in Melbourne drum school for beginners. At first, I had second thoughts. Considering that I am already an adult and that my classmate would be a lot younger than I am, I could feel the pressure circulating through my whole body by just having the idea of enrolling myself in a drum school. But, I did not let my fear of being judged and compared to younger ones stop me from fulfilling my childhood dream.

When I attended my first drum class, the teacher or rather mentor, repeatedly stated: “Basic drum lessons should not be taken for granted.” Well, he has certainly predicted that all of his students, which of course included me, would be bored with those basics. I could not care less until the day I understood what he meant. It was true! The basic lessons in a drum class play are significant in learning the succeeding lessons. Without the basics, one would not be able to cope with the more complicated way of playing the instrument. This is proven by my classmate who lagged behind us.

Our mentor allotted the next session in familiarizing us, his students, with a basic drum set. Before this session, I just called the components of a set by the following terms: small drum, medium drum, large drum, left or right small drum.

Sometimes I even distinguish one from the other through their positions without necessarily taking into consideration their sound and real name. There were three basic drum terms that I can remember. These are the bass drum, the snare drum, and the tom-tom drums. The first type is the one that produces a low booming sound and is struck by stepping on a foot pedal. The second one is usually positioned on the non-dominant side of the drummer. It is basically characterized by a clicking sound followed by a certain rattling sound of beads. Lastly for the tom-tom drums, which as many types with one being distinguished from another through its pitch.

A basic drum set may only have one of this kind of drum. Well, the drum set would not be complete at all it is does not have the famous cymbals. The four types of cymbals popularly included in the drum set are the hi-hat, the ride, the splash, and the crash.

The next classes were devoted to teaching us the different styles of holding drumsticks. Basically, there are two types of grips. The so-called matched grip and the traditional grip. The former is when the sticks are held between the thumb and index finger with the other fingers wrapped around the stick. This is considered as the more comfortable and common way of holding the drumsticks. The latter, on the other hand, is a combination of using the matched grip for the dominant hand and a grip style characterized by placing the stick atop of the ring finger while lying between the index finger and the thumb. I personally prefer the former because it is way easier to handle than the latter.

Our mentor was kind enough to give us tips on how to practice on our own properly. It included the lectures on how a metronome can improve our beat and timing and how proper posture contributes a lot while playing the drums. He regularly checks up on his student to ensure that one is not intimidated by the others’ paces in learning. He advised us to practice our strokes and timing which included the motions needed to produce a rhythm. He assured us that after investing significant effort and time in learning how to play the drums, we would feel fulfilled and hungry for more techniques yet to be learned or even discovered.

Our mentor has certainly harnessed the potentials we, his students, have within us. It was a good thing that I got rid of my hesitations brought about my age and the bad view of enrolling in a drum school rather than being self-taught. I never regretted that I chose to spend money on this school because there were lessons and tips which can never be self-taught or got from the internet.

Learning to play drums is both time and effort demanding but is something worthwhile. With patience and hard work, anyone can be a good drum player in no time. If only everyone recognizes the benefit of music education in our brain development, particularly in critical thinking, I bet many would not think twice of enrolling themselves or their children in a music school. Learning to play an instrument is a good habit and a satisfying one.

While we can enjoy playing music by our favorite artists, learning to play an instrument gives you the freedom to express yourself through creating your own rhythm and beat.

Improving My Health through Physiotherapy

physioI am already in my late 40s but I am still very active in socio-civic and community outreach activities. Doing charity work and helping the needy have become a part of my being. It’s something I won’t stop doing as long as I am alive. However, my body is telling me that I should stop or take long breaks. During the last few months, I have been suffering from minor muscle and joint pains. Usually, I feel pain on my lower back and knees. But then, whenever I see the happy grateful faces of the people I help, I say to myself that body pains should not be a hindrance to my calling and basically my life. Instead of stopping from doing what I love the most, I looked for ways that can effectively ease away the pain in my muscles and bones.

I remember I had a conversation with one of my colleagues about massages and physical therapy or physiotherapy. During our conversation, she told me that she was suffering from pains in her thighs and legs due to long walks. She was also enduring pains in her hips, which pushed her to decisively take actions and look for a treatment that is not costly. She tried physiotherapy in one of the most reputable clinics in Werribee. My colleague found out about the clinic online because she had no time visiting at least three physiotherapy clinics. She stumbled upon wyndhamrehab.com.au and was impressed with the website’s design, layout and content.  

After remembering that conversation and the website, I went to my laptop and searched about the clinic. On the website, I learned about the different services that include physio, massage, podiatry, manual therapy, Pilates, psychology, exercise, foot care, and dietary advice. I like the fact that the clinic is comprised of various types of healthcare professionals who are all highly experienced in their respective fields. I searched for their opening hours and was happy when I found out that they are open until eight o’clock in the evening during weekdays. They are also open during Saturdays.

Most of the time, my Saturdays are blocked because it is usually one of the days that our outreach and socio-civic activities are scheduled. So, I contacted the clinic through the telephone number posted on their website. I had my appointment scheduled on a Wednesday. But before I finalized my appointment, I checked first whether or not they have a female physiotherapist. Luckily, they have one who is just a young and starting professional member of the team.

While waiting for the day of my appointment, I tried to know more about physiotherapy. I am thankful that the website also has content about the therapy. I learned that every type of patient according to his or her injury or condition can have a treatment that will lead to complete recovery. Whether the injury is chronic or acute, there is an appropriate physiotherapist from the clinic that can provide any patient with quality treatment. I was amazed that the treatment will depend on the patient’s condition or severity of injury. This means that I will have a treatment that is different from others because I have a different condition. I like the fact that the physiotherapists are well-informed and have a deep understanding when it comes to the human body’s anatomy, biomechanics and physiology. I find it reliable and worthy of trust that every physiotherapist has their own specific experience and knowledge that they use to tailor a recovery program that is also very specific to the patient’s needs.   

I got further interest on the conditions that a physiotherapy treatment can help improve. I learned that the treatment can address problems or injuries such as sports injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, injuries that are related to motor vehicle accident, back and neck pain, headache and spinal management, balance problems, and workplace injuries, occupational rehabilitation, arthritis and joint pains.

On the day of my appointment, I was very excited because recovery from the muscle and joint pains I feel mean more years of doing work that greatly helps other people. In the clinic, the physiotherapist assigned to me immediately greeted me and asked about my basic information. After that, she proceeded with questions about my condition. She wanted to know about the things I do that led to the muscle and joint pains I am now suffering from. She was very kind, calm and very attentive to everything I said. She performed some type of therapy or massage on my affected muscles and joints. After that, she talked about me the possible recovery program that I should follow. Of course, the program includes a schedule of visits to the clinic and the type of treatment that will be performed on me.

I left the clinic feeling rejuvenated and very optimistic.

Combat Insomnia and Get Some Sleep!

insomniaThere is a lot of people who find it difficult to have the recommended hours of restful sleep. The problem is not about staying asleep, but with initiating sleep. This condition is clinically called as insomnia. The good news is that there are plenty of natural ways that can help alleviate this condition. For example, essential health foods in Borgonia can replace over the counter drugs. Medications, even when prescribed, still have side- effects that can be harmful to a person. Sleep medications are also known to potentially become addictive, which becomes a problem for people who struggle with drug dependence.

Insomnia is considered as a disabling medical condition. Because the body receives less sleep, it is not revitalized enough to function at its optimum state. Insufficient sleep contributes to an imperfect health, and will cause future health problems. This should be the reason why combating it is a must. You must understand that there are a lot of reasons why insomnia develops.  A variety of causative factors of insomnia were already identified and some of these include environmental factors, emotional disorders, physical imbalances, and genetic components among others. Neurotransmitter imbalance, particularly with the serotonin levels, is said to aggravate sleep disorders like insomnia.

Holistic Insomnia Treatment

Because the cause greatly varies from person to person, a holistic approach is needed to treat the condition. It is advised to learn first about non- medical treatments for insomnia. Not only do they cost almost nothing, they are effective and will have lasting results. An example of an unconventional insomnia solution is by improving home décor. As discussed in www.armanes .com, there are top health benefits that plants would give to the body. Going green with a decorating project can, in fact, reduce stress, induce a relaxed vibe, and make your home more tranquil. This means giving you the best environment to sleep in.

The bed also needs to be revamped to perfection. It should complement with the level of comfort that the body demands in order to get an elusive sleep. The softness or firmness of a mattress, uncomfortable pillows, and worn- out bed can impede with having a comfortable sleep. Combined with Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy, a patient will undergo a life- changing session that involves manipulation of the spine, joints, and tissues to relieve all sorts of pain and discomfort. Much attention is given to the choice of mattress and pillows because they do become a source of disturbance when they are either too soft or stiff for comfort.

Bedroom implements like a sound machine can produce soothing sounds that will help mask distracting ones can also be purchased. It is like a “white noise” generator wherein your thoughts are diverted from noises other than those emitted from the machine. You don’t even need a device for it. There are sound machine applications that can be installed on your smartphone that works just as well.

You may also try sleep- inducing herbs. Certain plants contain natural insomnia remedies. Chamomile is perhaps the most common herb for insomnia. Drinking chamomile tea at least 20 minutes before bedtime will soothe nerves and reduce restlessness. Another insomnia herb is hops. It is a natural sedative and has the same relaxing effect as chamomile. Lavender oil is great as soothing massage oil that does not only induce sleep but also lessens nighttime walking tendencies. Other known insomnia herbs are wild lettuce, California poppy, kava kava, and St. John’s wort. Herbal formulas like tea and bath oil can be made using these herbs to make use of its calming effects.

Other Means of Inducing Sleep

Caffeine from soft drinks and coffee is known as one of the culprits of insomnia. Eliminating it from the diet could be beneficial if you find trouble sleeping. Some over the counter drugs can also keep you awake for hours. Always ask the doctor about the prescription or make it a habit to read labels to avoid taking something that will cause sleep deprivation.

Afternoon slowdowns can also be one reason of developing insomnia. If you find yourself feeling down as the day wears off, you may need to engage with regular exercise to help keep your body up and running the whole day. Keep the blood pumping by being constantly on the move instead of slumping down. Avoid taking sugary snacks that declines your energy after a quick spike. Instead, healthier options like fresh fruits will satisfy sweet cravings and will help with sustaining energy as you feel sluggish in the afternoon.

These natural insomnia cures are guaranteed to help. They would provide relief and will ultimately make you cope against this sleeping disorder. It is unfortunate that you have to go through this type of sleeping problem, but having these natural remedies will surely make you earn that well- deserved sleep after a very long day. 

For more informational topics such as this, click here to read new interesting articles on health and wellness.

How Microdermabrasion Can Help to Get a Better Facial Skin

microdermabrasionMany people have some type of facial scars or marks that were the result of a terrible case of rash or acne. Some individuals have uneven skin tones, wrinkles or stretch marks. Although the skin condition has probably long been treated, the blemishes and scars can still be seen. Of course, a person would like to remove these imperfections and prefer a much better skin tone. With a procedure called microdermabrasion done by the professionals in the Skintopia microdermabrasion clinic Facebook page, it is made possible. This procedure involves the utilization of tiny granules over the surface of the skin to get rid of the first layer of the affected skin so that a new layer of clear skin can appear.
Microdermabrasion is used to treat a number of skin conditions and it has turned into a highly popular and accepted type of skin treatment as it is extremely effective as compared to other, more expensive options. This treatment is also an affordable choice by most.

The IPL (Intense Pulse Light) photofacial is also used to treat skin problems including redness, hyperpigmentation and rosacea. It is a laser facial treatment available as an alternative to cosmetic surgery. While this treatment method is called a laser treatment, it technically makes use of light instead of a laser. This process is capable of correcting several skin disorders with a single treatment. This technology is safe and effective, but there are various kinds available on the market, which vary in terms of output and quality. It seeps deep down the skin, and efficiently treats the cause of the problem.

The Process 

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic treatment method that gets rid of the dead layer of the outer skin by removing the dead cells. By doing so, a new skin layer appears that is clear of any kind of marks. This treatment solution is simple and non-invasive, something that does not require using strong chemicals. For this, a unique tool is loaded with oxides and chlorides. These fine granules are carefully massaged on the surface of the skin to get rid of the affected skin. Regeneration of new skin cells take place when the dead skin is taken off.

A patient usually needs several sessions, based on the extent of the skin problem. The process takes about 40 to 60 minutes, and may require additional time depending on the entire area to be worked on. The doctor may recommend more sessions which may vary depending on the condition and progress for each sitting. Considering that the process is non-invasive, it is also done as part of a facial and there are treatments readily available for the same thing in many salons and spas.

The Benefits

  • It works on many different degrees. For example, the boost of oxides helps with releasing elastin and collagen in the skin, which are both responsible for delaying the effects of aging and for causing tightness of the skin. As a result, the skin has a toned feel to it and does not sag.
  • The circular movement of the machine when applied over the skin works well for increasing the circulation of blood and thus contributes to healthier and more youthful looking skin.
  • Microdermabrasion also aids the skin that is at risk of acne by not just preventing an start of acne breakouts and ultimately causing acne control. It does by means of eradicating the harmful bacteria that triggers acne. It is also effective in treating scars and blemishes that were left back by acne.
  • Not only is this process the reason for younger looking skin, but also can be useful for treating a wider variety of skin disorders such as stretch marks, sun burned skin, dull skin, blemishes and acne, skin discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, thereby brings about total skin rejuvenation. This is the reason why using this method is performed as part of a microdermabrasion facial in a spa and a treatment by a dermatologist.
  • Microdermabrasion can be used and safe on most types of skin since the crystals that are being used as part of the treatment solution are not stuffed with chemicals and thus do not react with the epidermis and cause allergies. This means, it is also a good choice for sensitive skin.

Essentially, microdermabrasion is a simple and effective treatment that is considered as an integral part of skin care, particularly facial skin. Now that you now know more about microdermabrasion and its many benefits, you can schedule a session with a professional or in a spa to help make your way to considerably better facial skin.

Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

Is a sip of hot coffee or taste of ice cream causing you pain in your teeth? Do you wince occasionally when you brush or floss your teeth? These are signs that you have sensitive teeth. It is pretty obvious that having sensitive teeth prevents you from certain activities such as eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. Yet these are all part of life’s daily routine. Since sensitive teeth can be a great hassle to life, it is but proper to visit a dentist from the onset.

Why should you see a dentist?

Basically, dentists have gone through extensive education and years of experience concentrated on the anatomy and physiology of the oral cavity as well as the treatment needed for problems. Hence, they can identify or rule out the cause of the problem accurately. In the case of sensitive teeth, the dentist would recommend the exact solution depending on the circumstances seen.

What are the possible causes of sensitive teeth?

Tooth Decay (Cavities)

Tooth decay is a common problem which occurs to individuals who practice very poor oral hygiene. Acid coming from food products is the major cause of tooth decay. This chemical dissolves the outer layer of the teeth allowing it to wear and become thinner over time. Apart from this, the growth of bacteria inside the mouth also contributes to the existence of tooth decay.  Technically, this is termed as dental caries or dental decay.

Fractured teeth

Fractured tooth is also known as chipped tooth, cracked tooth or broken tooth. This usually occurs when you have bitten on something hard such as candy or ice. Fractured teeth can also be caused by accidents like using the teeth as tool. For example, opening a bottle of soda or removing a staple wire. Fractured teeth hurt because when the white enamel and hard layers called dentin chip off, the nerves and blood vessels found inside the pulp easily respond to hot and cold temperatures. And this what causes pain.

Worn fillings

Dental filling is done to address the issues of tooth decay and fractured tooth. When the filling gets worn out, bacteria enter the inner layer of the tooth allowing it to become more sensitive to different food products with varying temperatures.

Gum disease

Gum disease encompasses two gum problems: gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is caused by bacteria buildup, causing the gums to bleed due to inflammation. When not treated at an early stage, it leads to periodontitis which is the infection of the gums. Periodontitis causes sensitive teeth because the formation of pockets between the tooth and the gums exposes the root which then results to sensitivity to hot and cold food or drinks.

What do dentists recommend?

Depending on the cause of sensitive teeth, dentists recommend the following procedures:

Desensitising Toothpaste

Use desensitising toothpaste instead of the usual kind of toothpaste. This helps block the occurrence of pain caused by sensitive teeth.

Fluoride Application

Fluoride is the main component of all toothpastes as this is the best element used to strengthen the tooth and gums. In the case of sensitive teeth, dentist might apply fluoride in the most sensitive areas of the teeth. This is to reinforce the tooth enamel and at the same time reduce pain.

Desensitising or Bonding

For tooth roots that are exposed, the dentist applies bonding resin particularly on the root surfaces. Such treatment can be painful hence local anaesthetic might be administered.

Surgical Gum Graft

Should the tooth lose its gum tissue, a small portion of gum tissue is taken from a part of the mouth and then grafted on the affected area. This protects exposed roots and reduces sensitivity. Gum graft is a surgical method which requires anaesthetic application.

Root Canal

Root canal is the considered most successful technique and most effective treatment for sensitive teeth; however it can only be done in severe cases. Dentist performs procedure inside the tooth’s soft core called dental pulp.

To prevent the recurrence of sensitive teeth, your dentist might offer some effective methods such as these: brush your teeth twice or thrice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush, floss daily, avoid excessive brushing and flossing, avoid harsh or vigorous scrubbing, avoid highly abrasive toothpaste. When it comes to food and drinks, limit your intake of acidic products such as yogurt, wine, citrus fruits and carbonated drinks. Water or milk should be taken in order to balance the acid levels inside the mouth. Finally, practice regular visits to your dental clinic to ensure that excellent oral care is achieved.

Having Massage with Colleagues

Massage Therapy photoGoing for massage therapy is something that I really enjoy, whether I am alone or with the company of friends. Work has been so demanding lately as our boss required us to spend overtime due to last month’s low productivity report. Without a choice, my department has to stay in the office two hours more beyond 5pm. We have finally reached our goal and so it’s about time we give ourselves a break.

One full week of increased workload led us to a weekend of massage therapy. Little did I know that some of my colleagues were already planning for a much-needed massage. Indeed, last Saturday was a blast. Five of us met at the physiotherapy clinic near our office and spent a few hours of thorough stress-relieving massage. Admittedly, we looked haggard before we entered the clinic but when the massage was done, we have transformed into better-looking human beings. Perhaps, everyone in the office needs this.

All five of us complained of back ache, neck pain, shoulder ache and migraine. Our therapist happily stated that we are just in the perfect place for treatment. He explained that our posture at work is one of the main reasons we are experiencing these symptoms. One position for a prolonged period hardens the muscles and disrupts the circulation of blood in the body. Hence, this needs to be corrected.

From deep kneading to stretching, we were certainly relieved of getting massage therapy. Most importantly, we are treated by professional therapists who are highly-trained and skilled in their craft. I can definitely say that when experts do the treatment, you are assured of getting cured. Although it doesn’t take overnight to be completely healed, there is an assurance that constant massage will bring our condition to a better light.

Going back to work last Monday was like a breath of fresh air. We were ready to face the week again and stress is no longer that difficult to handle. My colleagues and I agreed to go for massage therapy regularly from this time onwards.

Stress in the workplace can never be eliminated however, there are many things that you can do in order to combat this reality. One way is obtaining treatment from a certified physiotherapist. Massage St Kilda Road is just a few minutes away for a start. It’s great to work hard and earn big but it is more awesome to be in the best state of health. Otherwise, we cannot be an efficient employee.